Playa Sonrisa welcomes Day Visitors (see link below) ~ Naturist Couples Only ~
*Departing Guests  >  Please observe Check Out Time - 11:00 am
No charge for use of beach until 12:00 noon.  
Day Use Fee applies for use after 12 noon.
Playa Sonrisa
All You Need Is Your Smile!
A Casual Paradise for Couples
Traveler's Tips
Playa Sonrisa is an easy 4.5 ~ 5 hr drive from the Cancun airport.  Don't forget to add
about 2 hrs for processing through Immigration, baggage claim, Customs & car rental.

Check In Time:   2:00 pm  (Eastern Standard Time Zone all 12 months)
Breakfast : 7:30 ~10:00 am    *   Lunch: 12:00 noon ~ 2:00 pm   *    Dinner : 7:30 pm
(*Kitchen is closed:   *10:00 am ~12:00 noon   &  *2:00 ~ 6:30 pm  )             
The Bar (includes a snack box) is open on the Honor System from 7:30 am ~ 10:00 pm

Driving after dark is not advisable   NOT because of  'Banditos' - this part of Mexico is very safe and
tourist friendly, but because we share the highway with slow moving bicycles, livestock, wildlife and an
occasional drunk driver.  And it's just easier & less stressful to travel unfamiliar roads in daylight.
(Late afternoon or evening flight arrivals should plan first night in Playa del Carmen).
Click the link below for more driving tips, directions and hotel layover recommendations.

Topes: Watch for "Tope" road signs - which means "speed bump" and are found in every town.

Gasoline:  PEMEX gas stations are not found in every village (No PEMEX in Xcalak)
>  Recommended to top off your tank in Mahahual  <
Pemex in Mahahual is about 250 meters past the turn to Xcalak
Bacalar has 3 Pemex's, and both towns have ATM's (
No ATM in Xcalak).

Car Rentals: A shuttle van from Cancun will cost ~$300 US one-way (up to 4 passengers),
so most guests choose the comfort & convenience of a rental car.
Click the Car Rental or Taxi-Transfers links below for more info.

Bus Service: There is daily bus service to Xcalak, if you speak a little
basic Spanish it is a
very economical way to travel.  
Click the link below for more info on Bus Service.

Communications:  Playa Sonrisa offers free WiFi
(but limited download capacity - no music streaming or movies).
Currently there is NO CELL PHONE SERVICE in Xcalak.
Closest signal is in Mahahual, however feel free to give our email address: to family, friends or boss for emergency contact.

Power & Water:   See Rooms   for info on our electric power & water limitations.

Check out time:  11:00 am     For Delayed Departures see "Day Use" below
The Weather
Jan-Feb-March is "High Season" here not because the weather is "perfect"
but because it is far from perfect up north and many snowbirds want to escape from the cold.  
We are in
"the Tropics" at latitude 18° North, our wintertime is approximately Dec 15 ~ Jan 15
so us
tropical wimps can sometimes get chilly.  But "chilly" is a relative term, and with winter daytime
highs in the mid-70's to mid-80's & night time lows in the 60's or 70´s it may not be "bake your bones"
warm, but is certainly pleasant enough to enjoy both the beach and water activities

The best weather of the year is late spring & early summer (April, May & June)
and oddly coincides with a low number of visitors.  Late summer can be hot & humid (this is the Tropics)
although it is quite tolerable if you stay
casual next to the refreshing Caribbean Sea.  
And what better time for a beach vacation than summertime? (best scuba diving too).

"Rainy Season" is August - Sept - October.  
But that
does not mean steady rain and/or tropical storms.  
Even in rainy season most days are predominately sunny with only occasional showers,
not days on end of pouring rain unless a tropical storm or hurricane is visiting.  Statistically there
less than a
5% chance of a tropical storm or hurricane disrupting a particular week.

October is the wettest & least pleasant weather - tropical hot, humid, and the mosquitoes can be bothersome,
although we
usually enjoy a fresh offshore breeze which keeps the insects seeking refuge in the jungle.  
But during autumn months you will enjoy big Seasonal discounts, similar good deals on airfare & rental cars,
and we can guarantee NO crowds.  (Not that we
ever have big crowds, but in low season you may feel like
Tom Hanks in
Shipwrecked - but with king beds & margaritas!). Just bring a lightweight pair of long pants
to cover your legs in the evenings (sweats or jammies - after all, it's a
casual place) and insect repellent.
(Our gift shop "SMALL*MART" carries
almost nothing, but it does have spray bottles of bug repellent)   
And when the rains go away so do the bugs.

But it's the weather - and who can predict it?!?
We have gorgeous days all 12 months of the year, also some days that aren't quite perfect.
But we can guarantee you won't be shovelling snow or scraping ice from your windshield!
Cash is King:  Outside of the busy tourist zones very few places accept credit cards
Loco~Nutz Restaurant~Bar does not accept credit cards onsite ~ CASH ONLY
Please bring CASH  pesos or US dollars for onsite meals & beverages

Playa Sonrisa does accept Visa/MC and PayPal for lodging only IN ADVANCE of arrival.

Also be sure to bring plenty of cash to cover gasoline, Meals, beverages & activities
such as scuba, fishing, massage on the beach & shopping.
There are NO unusual security issues with carrying
cash on your person,
provided you use common sense as you would anywhere.

US Dollars are widely accepted, but shops & restaurants give a very poor exchange rate.
So if you convert part of your cash to Pesos at an ATM you will in effect get a 5% ~ 10% "discount".
AVOID the 'Caseta de Cambio' at the Airport - you get a better exchange rate anywhere else.

The BEST EXCHANGE RATE is from ATM machines  
Most bank cards work here just like home.
(Consider contacting your bank to raise your daily withdrawal limit)
Your hometown bank may be able to provide pesos before you leave home

There is NO Bank, ATM or Casa de Cambio in Xcalak so bring plenty of cash.
Convenient ATM's: Tulum (HSBC Bank); Felipe Carrillo Puerto (@ Pemex in center of town), & Mahahual (in "the casitas")
One Last Thing:   Sorry to be repetitive but many people frequently
underestimate  their capacity for Fun !
so be sure to bring plenty of cash.

You don't have to spend it - but don't limit your enjoyment for lack of cash.
(It is perfectly safe to carry cash throughout the Yucatan if you use an ounce of common sense).

Bring half as many clothes and twice as much cash as you "think" you will need
Postcards from
Playa Sonrisa