Playa Sonrisa
           "Smile Beach"

Category 5
Hurricane Dean
Visited on Aug. 21, 2007
But No Serious Damage !  
Playa Sonrisa
 reopened for
Casual as Usual on Sat. Sept 22, 2007
We hunkered down for the storm
in our
Chevy Motel at
the Mayan Ruins at Kohunlich,
listening to 40' ~ 50' trees
crash around us all night.
Bronco was scared.

When the storm passed the next
day we found ourselves
- but trapped by   
fallen trees for ~2 kilometers.
My "gringo-sized" machete, and
the arrival later of "Mega-Maya"
(and his axe) had us out in
about 4 hours!
Only to face our next dilema:   Out of Gas !
No power - lines down everywhere - so night 2 was also spent
in our
Chevy Motel in Chetumal, which had the sound of crashing trees
replaced by heavily armed Federal Police doing a very good job
of dissuading looters.

Pro Tip:  Driving around a Pemex after a hurricane is a great way
to pick up a sheet metal screw in a tire
Day 3

3 Palm trees toppled in front -
one blocked the entrance &
2 hit the engine bodega.

The big sign posts to the left
sheared off  at ground level.

Our precious shade trees
didn't anymore.
(they have now recovered)
A Beachfront Bungalow
lost part of it's roof

Garden Cabin
"Jungle Cabin"
Waterfront Dining!
High water mark was over
the restaurant's patio but
didn't reach the floor inside.

Houston, we have a
No phone, no fax,
no e-mail.
But all things considered we are counting our Blessings !!!
4 walls, a roof, no broken windows, no water damage, and still smiling!
And even the Flip-Flop fence survived!
We were south of
the eye of the storm
so the major force of
the wind came from the

The backyard
looks like a

The beach just looks
like a
hurricane hit.
Oh Shit !
Another day we didn't have to go to the gym!
Tough day in the

In addition to the
"woodpecker condo" that
collapsed we found 10 bird
nests destroyed.

No siesta until the tree
gets out of the hammock.
Gravity zone)

But all those
World Donations
keep rolling in.
Sadly this is a
common problem
but the storm made it
worse than usual.
Postcards of
Happier times