A Casual Paradise for Couples
All You Need Is Your Smile !

                           Naturism, Children & Singles

We're not too sure about this "clothing optional" nude beach thing...
Many Americans share your uncertainty until they see it in practice. Throughout much of Europe and
the Caribbean topless sunbathing is normal and casual nudity at beaches is not uncommon.  Unlike many
Nudist Resorts where nudity is expected or even
required at the pool, we are a Clothing Optional Resort
where guests
may or may not choose to get an all-over tan.  So keep in mind that "optional" means
you decide to wear as much or as little as you want - your comfort and relaxation are all that count.  
(We do require
all "plumbing" below the waist to be covered up in the restaurant during meal times).  
Some 'first-timers' are a little shy on arrival, but after a day or two of relaxing discover that
"au natural"
really is 'natural'.  And with a wonderfully deserted beach and only six guest rooms (rarely full) it brings up
that puzzling philosophical question  ...
 If a tree sunbathes in the forest without it's trunks, but
nobody is there to see it ... do it's cheeks still get red?

But we cannot condone sexual activity in public. If hot tub "action" or anything-goes theme parties are what
you are looking for we suggest you visit the all-inclusive clubs in Jamaica. That's not to say we don't like
to have fun, or that we've never had 'naked dance night' in the bar after meal hours, but if orgies are on your
agenda please bring your own play partners as our hospitality doesn't extend quite that far.

Most of your 'Postcards From Playa Sonrisa' show everyone fully clothed.
Are you really a Naturist Resort?
 We respect the privacy of our past guests by not posting
identifiable nude photos on the web.  We also respect the privacy of our potential guests who might want to
access our website at work or a library, so we keep our content appropriate for public viewing.   But we do

specialize in the Naturist travel niche, and the majority of our guests do "exercise their options".  
Your nudity is optional - your tolerance of other's nudity isn't.  
Our entire facility including beach, grounds, private dock, plus about two kilometers of undeveloped
beach to our south are available for nude enjoyment.  However we must require a basic coverup
below the waist in the restaurant when food is being served.

And we offer truly unique opportunities for nude snorkeling at a nearby coral reef area we've named
'Irmgard's Garden', and for those with advanced water skills an awesome shipwreck site.  We can also
arrange for nude excursions to "Bird Island" or even nude flyfishing (
personal injury waiver required!).  
But nudity is optional - there is no pressure on anyone to be naked - Only Opportunity !

What about families with kids?
Wouldn't it be wonderful if children were taught that violence is obscene instead of an uncovered body?  
We believe that the human body is natural & acceptable - wrinkles, sags & 'spare tires' included.  It's
about beautiful bodies on display - buy 'Playboy' for that - this is the "Real World" and it's about the
FREEDOM to enjoy it naturally. Although we mainly cater to adult couples, quiet kids are welcome provided
the parents are practicing Naturists
(our guests are not here to provide Anatomy 101 to your teenage sons).

However, please consider that children will be difficult to keep entertained as Xcalak is a place for tranquility
and low key water sports like snorkeling, scuba and beachcombing. There are absolutely NO jet skis, para-
sailing, banana tube rides, putt-putt golf, discos or even MTV, so kids will probably be happier in Cancun.
We don't discriminate by age but request ALL guests have at least a 2nd Grade education.

What's your Singles Policy?
Playa Sonrisa is a very small & intimate facility.  We are "Family Oriented" in terms of appropriate public
behavior, but in practice our guests are almost exclusively
Naturist couples seeking total relaxation, not
hoping for a hook-up. Although we have plenty of secluded areas on our beach & dock to spread out & enjoy
your own space, in such a small venue it's difficult for solo travellers not to feel like a "third wheel" around
the few other couples.
Our policy, which is to encourage singles to find a travel companion, is a
result of past experience with single men who have a tendency to get lonely - which can evolve from friendly
conversation with another couple to shadowing them like an annoying little brother - which infringes upon
their vacation enjoyment.  

Of course our guests (and Naturists in general) are almost universally very friendly, and our guests enjoy
the oppt'y provided by our small venue to make new friends, but please realize that our guests have chosen
Playa Sonrisa specifically because we are small & quiet, not crowded & socially hyperactive.  
Xcalak is also a very small community (population ~300 including children), therefore "lonely hearts"
seeking companionship should choose a busier venue.

We're NOT concerned with guest's marital status, sexual orientation or intimate activities w/
consenting partner(s) in the privacy of your room
(s), but we are concerned with preserving a
comfortable atmosphere for our core guests -
Naturist couples.  

Do you allow Day Visitors?
Yes, but limited to Naturist Couples only  (No textiled "Gawkers" admitted).
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