We are NOT concerned with guest's marital status, sexual orientation or
intimate activities w/consenting partner
(s) in the privacy of your room,
but we
are dedicated to preserving a comfortable atmosphere
for our core guests -
Naturist couples.  

Naturism, Children & Singles
A Casual Paradise for Couples
All You Need Is Your Smile !
We're not too sure about this "clothing optional" nude beach thing . . . ?
Many Americans share your uncertainty until they see it in practice. Throughout much of Europe
and the Caribbean topless sunbathing is normal and casual nudity at beaches is not uncommon.  
But unlike many Nudist Resorts where nudity is expected or even
required at the pool,
Playa Sonrisa is a Clothing Optional Resort where guests may or may not
choose to get an all-over tan.  So keep in mind that "optional" means that
you decide to wear as much or as little as you want.
Your comfort and relaxation are all that count

      There is NO pressure on anyone to be naked anytime . . . only opportunity !
Your nudity is optional - your tolerance of other guests' nudity is not ~

Some 'first-timers' are a little shy on arrival, but after a day or two of relaxing discover that
"au natural"really is natural on a wonderfully deserted beach (only 6 guest rooms - rarely full)

We do require all "plumbing" below the waist to be covered up in Loco~Nutz during meal times.  

But we do not condone sexual activity in public.
If hot tub "action" or anything-goes theme parties are what you are looking for we
suggest you visit the all-inclusive "lifestyle"clubs in Jamaica or
Desires in Puerto Morelos.  
That's not to say we don't like to have fun, or that we've never poured
body shots in the bar,
but if orgies are on your agenda please bring your own play partners as
our hospitality doesn't extend quite that far.

Most of your 'Postcards From Playa Sonrisa' show everyone fully clothed.
Are you really a Naturist~Nudist Resort?  
We respect the privacy of our guests by not posting identifiable nude photos on the web.
We also respect the privacy of  potential guests who might want to access our website
at work or in a public venue, so we keep the content appropriate for public viewing.   

But we definitely specialize in the Naturist travel niche, and the vast majority of our guests
"exercise their options" to enjoy getting an all-over tan.
 With the exception of the parking lot our
entire facility including beach, grounds, dock and the warm Caribbean are available for nude enjoyment.

We offer wonderful opportunities for nude snorkeling at a nearby coral reef area
and for those with advanced water skills an awesome shipwreck site.  
We can also arrange for nude excursions to"Bird Island" or even
nude fly-fishing (...
seriously?!?  careful with the back-cast!)

What about families with kids?
Wouldn't it be wonderful if children were taught that violence is obscene instead of an uncovered body?  
We believe that the human body is natural & acceptable - wrinkles, sags & 'spare tires' included.  
not about beautiful bodies on display - Hollywood & Madison Avenue take care of that.
This is the "Real World" and it's about the
FREEDOM to enjoy it naturally.

Although we cater exclusively to adults in high season,
kids are welcome in low season
provided the parents are practicing Naturists
(our guests are not here to teach Anatomy 101 to your teenage sons)

However please consider that children may be difficult to keep entertained since
Xcalak is a tranquil place with low key activities like snorkeling, scuba and beach-combing.
There are absolutely NO jet skis, para-sailing, banana tube rides, zip-lines, putt-putt golf, discos
Tee shirt shops, hair braiding, or even MTV, so kids will probably be happier in Cancun (or Orlando).

~ We don't discriminate by age but request ALL guests have at least a 1st Grade education ~

What's your Singles Policy?
Playa Sonrisa is a very small & intimate facility.  We are "Family Oriented" in terms of
appropriate public behavior, and in practice our guests are almost exclusively
Naturist couples
seeking relaxation, not looking for a hook-up.  Although we have plenty of secluded areas to spread out
and enjoy your own space during the day in such a small venue an odd number can be awkward at mealtimes.

Our policy is to encourage singles to find a travel companion, although
we do welcome individuals who respect the venue for what it is, and for what it is not.

Our guests (and Naturists in general) are almost universally very friendly, and our guests typically
enjoy the opportunity provided by our small venue to make new friends, but please understand that our
guests have chosen
Playa Sonrisa specifically because we are small & intimate, not socially hyperactive.  
Xcalak is also a very small community (population ~300 including children), therefore single travellers  
looking for romance or to
get lucky should choose a destination where the prospects are better.
"Smile Beach"
Playa Sonrisa
Postcards from
Playa Sonrisa