Supper ~ La Cena
Dinner Parties offered 4x per Week
Happy Hour @ 6:30 pm, 1st course served ~7:00 pm

Sopa del Dia w/ homemade bread     Chef's Choice Daily
Avocado ~ Roasted Poblano ~ Tomato Basil ~ Garlic ~ Crema de Jalapeno ~ Roasted Squash ~ Many Others
         ~ 1 of the following Especial del Dia offered nightly  ~
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Filete de Pescado (fish filet):  Flame Grilled w/ mojo de Ajo (brushed w/ garlic~olive oil).                             $280
Coconut Shrimp:  
We use only "Free Range" coconuts gently harvested from our beach.                                        $350
Cochinita Pibil:   Mayan style pulled pork w/ achiote & traditional seasonings          ¡Que r-r-rico!                         $275
Seafood Pasta:  Nuggets of lobster & shrimp served over pasta w/ Poblano Cream Sauce.                                        $325
Bisteak Ranchero:  
Marinated arracherra steak, flame grilled estilo Mexicano ~ forking tender!                         $325
Aztec~Asian Fusion:
 Grilled Chilean salmon fillet served over chipotle~ginger pasta.                                          $325
Spinach & Mozzarella Ravioli w/ Fresh Roasted Red Pepper Sauce.                                                                 $250

Mayan Tamale:  
Shredded chicken encased in traditional corn massa, wrapped in banana leaf & steamed                 $250

Costa Maya Langosta:  
Flame grilled Caribbean lobster served with garlic butter and envy ;-)                         $375

Bisteak Colorado:
 Imported USDA Choice ribeye steak, flame grilled brown outside, pink & juicy inside              $375
Loco ~ N utz
Apres ~ Ski Bar & Grill
CLOSED  ~  Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday Nights   ~  CERRADO
(Dark nights are subject to adjustment for current circumstances)
Please support the other local options ranging from excellent to economico.
Continental Breakfast Buffet & basic lunch menu are offered 7 days a week
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Vegetarian Meals:                                                                                                                          $250
We can accommodate vegetarian diets provided you accept some dairy ingredients such as cheese, milk & eggs,
(True Vegans - absolutely no animal products tolerated - should choose a destination with more resources).
We will also adjust offerings for food allergies such as shellfish or nuts - please advise us in advance!

Meal variety  of any special diet requests will depend on the amount of advance notice  you give us,
monthly trips to our nearest supermaket (2.5 hrs one-way) greatly limits flexibility on short notice.
Tax  included
                        Postre del Dia      Chef's Choice Daily                                                     $50      
Coconut Pie ~ Key Lime Pie ~ Flan ~ Plantain Pie ~ Piña Crisp ~ Kahlua Sundae ~ Chocolate Mousse
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