Playa Sonrisa

All You Need Is Your Smile !
Caribbean Costa Maya, Xcalak, Mexico
F. A. Q. 's
Friday Afternoon Quencher's?
Of Course!  Every Hour is Happy Hour at Playa Sonrisa!

But seriously...
Frequently Asked Questions
Where in the World are you, and how do we get there?
Playa Sonrisa
is about 240 miles south of Cancun - but a world apart!
We are about 7 kilometers (4.2 miles) north of the tiny fishing village of Xcalak (Ish-ka-lac) which is located
on the peninsula that separates the
Caribbean Sea from the Bay of Chetumal, and is only about 7 km
north of the channel separating
Mexico from Ambergris Caye, Belize.

The best access is to fly in to Cancun.  From there you can rent a car and travel the modern highways & new
roads to
Playa Sonrisa in a little under 5 hours.  Depending on how late your flight arrives we often
recommend an overnight in Playa del Carmen or Tulum to break up the drive. See the Directions link below
for detailed driving directions.  Commercial air service is also available thru Mexico City to
(2.5 hour drive).  Belize City is NOT a viable option.

Is Playa Sonrisa as remote as it sounds?
Yes - and that's the allure of it.  If the hustle & bustle of high rise hotel-condo mega resorts with discos & tee
shirt shops & franchise restaurants & persistent beach vendors &
crowds are your thing - we suggest a
vacation in Cancun.  But if that sounds too much like the everyday
Rat Race that you really need a break
from, the peaceful tranquility and solitude at
Playa Sonrisa should be just what the Doctor ordered.

I'm nervous about renting a car & driving in Mexico, is it safe?
If you are driving in Tijuana or Mexico City, you should be nervous!  But the main roads and highways in the
Yucatan are very well constructed to modern standards, normally carry light traffic, and the other drivers are
generally far more courteous than the average American driver.  Keep an eye out for bicycles sharing the
road, and it's a good idea to plan your trip to arrive before dark, otherwise it's no different than driving in the
States.  And what a great way to explore "off the beaten path" areas away from the Americanized tourist zones
and experience the different culture.
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