Loco ~ Nutz

Costa Maya
Folk ~ n ~ Blues in Paradise
Fiesta ~ val
Anywhere can do "Unplugged"
It takes a special kind of Loco to do Unplanned

~  2009  ~

Musical Mayhem in Paradise!  
WOW !   You shoudda been here that week !

The Costa Maya Folk ~ n ~ Blues in Paradise Fiesta~val
is a NO-Profit Disorganization
Sponsored by

Hotel Playa Sonrisa
It all started with the
Carnival ~ Mardi Gras
Xcalak School fundraiser dance.
Baile Mamas !
Baile Niñas !
Blended with
"Jazz ~ Drum Jam"
At the Xcalak Caribe Bar
April, 2009
campfire w
Fogata Fiestas ! ! !      
Muchas Gracias a Moy y Leny
por todos
Chicken Night ~ Drum Nights
More Spontaneous
Musical Magic
at Loco ~ Nutz
Baile Neñas !
Baile Monos !