Playa Sonrisa
A Casual Paradise for Couples
Caribbean Costa Maya, Xcalak, Mexico

All You Need Is Your Smile !
Bus Service
There is twice daily 2nd Class bus service to Xcalak, and there is also 1st Class bus service as far
Limones or Mahahual, where a taxi can bring you the rest of the way.  Not very convenient schedules,
but if you areadventurous and speak a little Spanish it is an economic way to travel.  

From the airport in Cancun you will need to catch a taxi to the bus terminal located downtown
(20 minutes north, about $25 US) or to the bus station in
Playa del Carmen (40 minutes south,
about $40 US by taxi).  Optionally there is an airport BUS to/from Playa del Carmen,  ~$16 pp
(the cabbies will try to convince you taxi is the only option).

TWO OPTIONS from either bus station>  
1)  MAYAB BUS  to Limones - hourly departures daily.
(2nd class, about 4 hours and $120 pesos = $11 US per person, depending on which starting point).  
In Limones transfer to the Mahahual-Xcalak bus
(about 3 hours & $80 pesos ~ $7 US pp).  
Departures from Limones are about 7:00 am & 4:00 pm (this is Mexico not Switzerland).
Upon arrival in Xcalak ask at Toby's Restaurant for a ride to Playa Sonrisa. (7 km, ~$100 pesos )

A wise option is to take a TAXI  from Limones directly to Playa Sonrisa - about $60 US total,
but eliminates waiting for the  Mahahual-Xcalak bus, and a taxi cuts the 3 hour ride by bus down to 1.5 hrs.  
Arrange for return pick up by the same taxi for your day of departure.
(they have been very dependable when pre-arranged)

2)  ADO BUS to Mahahual (first class, about $170 pesos ~$16 US).
Departures from Cancun are 7:00 am or 11:30 pm, and ~ 45 minutes later from Playa del Carmen.  
Corresponding arrivals in Mahahual are at 1:00 pm or 5:00 am the next morning, respectively.  
Take a taxi from Mahahual directly to Playa Sonrisa, about $60 one way.
Arrange for return pick up on your day of departure.

Return bus departures from Xcalak to Limones are at 5:00 am and 2:00 pm.  
Change bus in Limones or you wind up in Chetumal.   

Return bus departures from Mahahual are at 8:30 am and 1:00 pm.

An economic way to travel, but keep in mind that Playa Sonrisa is 7 km (4.2 miles) north of the village and
very seldom is there a local taxi available.  Guests often share rides on the nights we don't offer dinner,
but keep in mind that a rental car also allows visitors the freedom to explore the coast,
take day trips to Mayan ruins (there are no tour operators in this village),
or just run into the village on a whim to sample a local restaurant.
Playa Sonrisa
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Playa Sonrisa
Door-to-Door Airport Shuttle Service

If your preference is to kick back & leave the driving to a pro
we've had excellent service from
AGI Tours & Transfers.
Cost is ~$300 US each way (depending on exchange rate)
per van not per person, which may compare favorably to
cost of car, insurance, gas & convenience.
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